IBPA member – $95 per title, per category
Non-IBPA member – $225 for first title, which includes one year’s membership in IBPA; $95 per title, per category for second and subsequent entries.

Payable to IBPA by check or by VISA, MasterCard, AMEX


Each entry will be judged by three independent judges. Each judge will have either a design focus or an editorial focus. Most entries are assigned two editorial judges and one design judge. Some entries, however, like those in the “Interior Design” category, will be assigned only design judges and some entries, like those in the “Best New Voices” category, will be assigned only editorial judges.


Click here for a look at the general criteria for editorial.


Click here for a look at the general criteria for design.

If you’d like copies of the official judging forms for your category, please contact the IBPA Office at info@ibpa-online.org and specify the category of judging form(s) you would like.


You must mail to the IBPA office four (4) physical copies of each title entered into the initial category. If you are entering the same title in multiple categories, you must submit three (3) additional copies for each additional category entered. Example: If you enter the same title in Categories 8 and 55, a total of seven (7) copies need to be sent to the IBPA office with the appropriate Entry Label inserted into each.

For Category 49, Most Improved Redesign, you must submit four (4) copies of the newly designed book and four (4) copies of the old book. If you wish to have the old book returned, please indicate that on the Entry Label and IBPA will request this of the judges.

A completed Entry Label must be inserted inside the front cover of EACH BOOK. Double-check to be sure you have filled in the label completely and have entered the title in the most appropriate category. Children’s Picture Books are only eligible in the categories that have “Children’s” in the name.

Send a check made payable to “IBPA” for the total amount of entry fees or fill out the credit card section on the Entry Label and include this with your entries. If paying by credit card, please place one copy of the credit card details in an envelope on top of the entries. Do not include inside each book.

Books entered into the program will not be returned to you, except in the case of Category 49, Most Improved Redesign.


Ship books and payment for entry fees in the same package via a shipping service, such as UPS or the USPS, to insure on-time delivery to the IBPA offices. DO NOT SEND FOURTH CLASS BOOK RATE. Place the payment for entry fees in an envelope on top of the entries in the package. Please do not include the payment in an envelope on the outside of the package. Please use the package mailing label to identify your submission.


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